Running into the Headwind

This book was read in 3 days after I got it. It’s written good. It gives you a general insight how pole vault live can be at that highest level. One view of two lives and that’s really interesting to read. There are many quotes for future athlete and coaches to be remembered. It’s a nice non-fiction story-book about how hard it is to get on top. Just, in this case I have to say olympic silver 3 years after starting pole vaulting and gold after 7 might not be the hardest story of endurance I ever read but it is shown as a trully intense period of their live. You won’t get any technical information or something like pole vault drills from that book, that’s not what it is about. As said before it is a story-book, you could make a movie from.

As coach of female vaulters I would have wished that Jenn wrote that book. Honestly, I thought it was „her“ book, but I was too lazy to write the front page fully before ordering and missed that „by Rick Suhr“. Sometimes I would like to ask, why if a woman has that much success, why even in that case it has to be a man writting the book? Women should tell their stories because it makes a major difference. So maybe, Jenn, you add your part to the story at the 2nd edition of the book.